August von Trott zu Solz

August Bodo Wilhelm Paul Klemens Freiherr von Trott ( born December 29, 1855 Good Imshausen at Bebra, Hesse -Kassel, † October 27, 1938 ibid ), Dr. hc mult., was a German politician. He was royally Prussian Minister of State ( Minister of Education from 1909 to 1917 ) and Oberpräsident various Prussian provinces. He was co-founder of the Kaiser Wilhelm Society and Commendator of St John.


Trott attended high schools in Dresden and Kassel and studied law and political sciences in Würzburg, Heidelberg and Leipzig. He was a member of the Corps Rhenaniastraße Würzburg and Heidelberg Guestphalia. After graduating, he entered the Prussian civil service. In 1884 he was Regierungsassessor in Opole.


August von Trott was the son of Hessian Legationsrat Werner von Trott ( born June 1, 1819 in Stuttgart, † October 10, 1858 in Kennenburg ) May 8, 1831 in Lesse village born and his wife Sophie of Lehsten - Dingelstedt (*, † August 8, 1880 in Imshausen ).

He married on 28 February 1901 in Kassel Eleonore von Schweinitz ( born February 21, 1875 in Vienna, Austria, † March 11, 1948 on Good Imshausen at Bebra, Hesse), the daughter of the royal Prussian General of the Infantry and Adjutant General Hans Lothar von Schweinitz (1822-1901), the Imperial German Ambassador and the American Anna Jay ( 1849-1925 ).

His son was the German Legation Counsellor and resistance fighters from Adam Trott ( 1909-1944 ).


August 1886 was determined by Trott for the first District Administrator of the maximum. In 1892 he moved to Marburg as a district administrator. 1887 ( as substitutes for Friedrich Christian Wirth) he was a member of the circle high in the Nassau municipal parliament. Since 1894 he was a lecturer in the Prussian Interior Ministry Council. In the same year he was elected for the constituency 10 (Marburg) in the Prussian House of Representatives. He belonged to the conservative faction. Because of its official business he laid down the mandate in 1898.

In March 1898 he was appointed President of the Government in Koblenz. In January 1899 he was President of the Government in Kassel. He held until 1905 this office. After that, he was President of the Province of Brandenburg.

In the years 1909-1917 he served as Minister of spiritual and educational matters royal Prussian Minister of State. He was, among other things, the decree of August 22, 1911 charge that "is generally set at all institutions of higher education, the duration of the lesson in 45 minutes. " This marks the historical beginning of the single 45 -minute session in the German school system.

From 1917 to 1919 he served as President of the Province of Hesse -Nassau.


  • Royal Prussian chamberlain
  • Honorary member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences in Berlin
  • Knight of the Black Eagle