Augusto Monterroso

Augusto Monterroso ( born December 21, 1921 in Honduras; † 7 February 2003) was a Guatemalan writer and diplomat.


Augusto Monterroso has spent most of his life not in Guatemala, but in other Spanish-speaking Latin American countries. Born the son of Guatemalans in Honduras, the Mexican exile to his actual home was. From 1944 to 1953 he worked as a student and as a diplomat for the only democratic government of Jacobo Arbenz of Guatemala under in Mexico. In 1954, he worked as a consul for the same in Bolivia until he lost his post in a coup against the Arbenz government and went into exile to Chile, where he among other things, as an editorial secretary for Pablo Neruda's "Gazeta de Chile " worked. Augusto Monterroso Recently had his permanent residence in Mexico.

Monterrosos stories have a tendency to irony and are under the influence of Jorge Luis Borges and Franz Kafka ( "The Dream of the beetle "). He often uses the narrative form of the fable ("How the horse God imagines " ) to clothe his intentions in language. Its special features include the brevity of his stories, often only a single, artfully elaborate box set ( " The other six ", " Christmas. New Year. Whatever. " ) Exist. According to the Italian semiotician Umberto Eco, the story "The Dinosaur " is considered as the shortest story ( " Shortest Story " ) of the world to which has already dreamed up a small discourse. (Source: ". Nutshell The fastest stories of the world" Diogenes ET ) In 1996 he was awarded the Juan Rulfo Prize -.


  • El concierto y El eclipse ( the concert and the solar eclipse, 1947)
  • Obras completas y otros cuentos ( Collected Works and Other Stories, 1959)
  • La oveja negra y demás Fábulas ( The black sheep and other fables, 1969)
  • Movimiento perpetual motion ( Eternal Movement, 1972)
  • Personal Anthology, 1975
  • Lo there demás silencio. La vida y la obra de Eduardo Torres ( Ripeness is all, and the rest is silence, 1978)


  • Carlos Rincón (1976/1985): Epilogue to: Augusto Monterroso: The frog who wanted to be a real frog. Leipzig: 1983.