Augustus Pablo

Augustus Pablo ( born June 21, 1954 in Saint Andrew, Jamaica as Horace Swaby, † 18 May 1999 Kingston) was reggae and Dubmusiker and producer.


Pablo learned early at Kingston College School to play the organ. During his school years he met Clive Chin know, whose father was Vincent Chin owner of the well-known record store " Randy 's" in Kingston.

In 1969, he got through these relationships the chance to record his first album with the name Iggy Iggy. After a few more shots he made ​​his breakthrough with the song East of the River Nile. Shortly thereafter, he joined as keyboardist Mikey Chung's band Now Generation, while his friend Clive started his own career as a producer.

In 1972 he left the band and took with Clive together on Java, which was also a success and launched his solo career. He has collaborated with various other producers, including Leonard Chin ( Clive's uncle ) and Lee Perry. He had another hit with John Holt's My Desire.

Pablo founded the label "Message" and "Rockers " (named after his brother's sound system ). In the seventies, he brought out a large number of hits as a solo artist as well as producer, to his career ebbed in the eighties. On 18 May 1999 died professing the Rastafarian at the University Hospital Kingston, Jamaica, from the effects of nerve disease myasthenia gravis by respiratory failure.


His own and unusual for the genre sound he made through his instrument, melodica, harmonica instrument with a keyboard.

Many pieces contain an often held in a minor key soloing on quiet dub beats, which gives his music an oriental, partly melancholic character.


  • This Is Augustus Pablo, 1974
  • Ital Dub, 1975, produced in the following studios: Dynamic Sounds, King Tubby and Harry J
  • King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown, 1976
  • Original Rockers, 1979
  • Africa Must Be Free Dub, 1979
  • Rockers Meets King Tubby in a Fire House, 1980
  • East of the River Nile, 1978
  • Earth's Rightful Ruler, 1982
  • Thriller, 1974
  • King David 's Melody, 1983
  • Rising Sun, 1986
  • Rebel Rock Reggae, 1986
  • Rockers Come East, 1987
  • Eastman Dub, 1988
  • Presents Rockers Story, 1989
  • Blowing with the Wind, 1990
  • Presents Rockers International Showcase 1991