Aulne Abbey

Daughter monasteries

Monastery of St- Maurice- de -Carnoët

The Abbey of Alder ( Alna ) is not far from the Belgian province of Hainaut in Thuin located in the valley of the Sambre former monastery.


According to tradition, the monastery was founded around 656 by the later canonized Landelin of Crespin as a Benedictine monastery, after he had gone a few kilometers away from the abbey Lobbes. He equipped the new monastery from geschenktem of the Merovingian Franks kings with him land. The Benedictine monks remained until around 974 After the meantime Augustinian canons had settled, Alder at the direction of Bishop Henry II of Liège as a daughter house of the Cistercian Abbey of Clairvaux Primary was re-established under the abbot Franco de Morvaux 1147/48.

In the 15th century it was sacked in the train of the wars of Burgundy against the Liège. In the 16th century carried out raids of the Beggars and the French. In the first half of the 18th century, the monastery was renewed consuming and expanded, but then dissolved and burned down during the French Revolution about 1794. It is also a library with 40,000 books and 5,000 manuscripts were destroyed.

Today's state

Get the ruins of the abbey church with a facade from 1728 and the transept and choir from the 16th century. The abbot's house from the years 1772 to 1778 was rebuilt in the 19th century, the chapter house in the 18th century.