52.99222222222211.5817Koordinaten: 52 ° 59 '32 "N, 11 ° 34' 48" E

Aulosen is a municipality in the district of Stendal Aland in Saxony- Anhalt, Germany.


Aulosen is located on Aland, shortly before its confluence with the Elbe at Schnackenburgallee. The district Aulosen is the northernmost in the state of Saxony- Anhalt, it is bounded to the northwest by Lower Saxony, in the north and north-east of the Elbe forms the border with Brandenburg. The place Aulosen located in the conservation area Aland Elbe valley. Located in the vicinity large meadows to the sheaf are protected.


Haufendorf Aulosen was first documented in 1319. It was a time to the monastery Amelungsborn.

For many centuries it was under the rule of the family von Jagow, the 1730 the church built (or build left ).

Between Aulosen and the Lower Saxon border is the looped GDR era village Stresow. Here is now a border memorial.

Until December 31, 2009 Aulosen was an independent municipality.

Through a field amendment agreement, the municipal councils of the municipalities have Aulosen ( 23 June 2009 ), Krüden ( 17 June 2009 ), Pollitz ( 19 June 2009 ) and Wanzer ( 9 June 2009 ) decided that their communities dissolved and are combined to form a new congregation with the name Aland. This agreement was approved by the county as a lower municipal supervisory authority and entered into force on 1 January 2010. The last mayor was Renate Schawe.

Transport links

Through the village the road from Seehausen (Altmark ) leads to B 493 at Schnackenburgallee.


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