Aulps Abbey

Daughter monasteries


The monastery Aulps ( Notre -Dame des Alpes - de Alpibus ) is a former Cistercian abbey in the town of Saint -Jean- d'Aulps in the Haute- Savoie, Rhône- Alpes, France. It is located around 25 km south-east of Thonon -les- Bains in the Valley of Dranse de Morzine.


The monastery was founded in 1094-1097 by Benedictine monks from the monastery on a Molesme by Count Humbert II of Savoy, donated land and equipped with the entire middle Dransetal. Under the second abbot, St.. Guérin, the monastery reached its independence from Molesmes. From Aulps place in the year 1119, the foundation of the monastery Hautecombe. In 1136 it joined the Cistercian Order, after Bernard of Clairvaux had a year previously resided there. It assumed the primary Clairvaux Abbey. The church and convent buildings were subsequently funded by the Count Humbert III. built of Savoy. The prosperous in the 12th and 13th century monastery received lands in the Chablais, in Faucigny, in Genevois and in the Franche-Comté. In the 14th century there were clashes with the monastery Abondance. 1468 was the most financially shattered monastery in Coming, which was interrupted from 1536 to 1569 by an occupation from the Valais. The last commendatory died in 1764, then the abbatial office came to the bishop of Chambéry. Shortly before the secularization of the number of monks had fallen to six. 1792 Savoy was occupied by French troops in 1793 and it came to abolish the abbey. 1824, the hitherto intact abbey was blown up in order to gain material for the reconstruction of the burned church community. In 1902, the ruins still was classified as a monument historique. From 1930 to 1935, the plant has been cleared. In recent years, a museum was set up in farming estate on the site.

Buildings and plant

Of the 52.5 m long, including the aisles 19 m wide and 16 m high church facade with a oculus with five openings and the pointed arch portal, which has lost its lateral small columns obtained. The width of the transept is 29.5 m. The three western bays of the wall of the north side of the nave fünfjochigen are fully intact down to eaves height. The wall structure is three-zones, above the ogival arcades is a blend Gallery with coupled ogival blind windows that are divided by a column with bud capital, on this the clerestory with round-arched windows. The nave was rib- vaulted, have received only the vault approaches with bud capitals which are performed only up to the top of the triforium. From the transept and the rectangular closed Ostpartie only small remnants have been preserved. The almost completely Outbound exam was south of the church, to them is followed by a low-lying terrace.