Auricular style

The auricular (also tuberous plant) is a symmetric ornament shape with cartilaginous thickening, specific training of the German Mannerism (second half of the 16th century to the 17th century). As the creator of the cartilage work shall be considered the Dutch gold and silversmith Paul van Vianen. A large portion of the spread of the cartilage plant had Cornelis Floris ( Floris style ) and Christoph Jamnitzer. One finds this form only north of the Alps, mainly in Germany, France and the Netherlands.


In particular, this ear shapes and C-shaped swings play an important role. Sometimes, this decor is penetrated by naturalistic shapes, show the faces ( grimaces ) with bulbous noses, Augenwülsten and ornamental rich beards. Regional was the variety of the era also the name of cartilage Baroque ( see also cartilage style).