Aust- Agder is a province (county ) in Norway and is part of the part of the country Sørlandet. It has a total area of ​​9158 km ² (of which a land area of ​​8353 km ²). In the east the fylke Telemark is located at the Skagerrak at Gjernestangen between Kragerø and Risr. In the West, Vest-Agder is located along the Kvåsefjord between Lillesand and Kristiansand. Also in the west, north of Vest- Agder is Rogaland. Aust- Agder (East - Agder) is the eastern part of the former historic province Adger from the current Fylke was formed. The then- Agder corresponds broadly similar in magnitude to the current part of the country Sørlandet.

The provincial capital is the city of Arendal; most important and longest river is 245 km in length, the Otra.

Coat of arms

Description of coat of arms: In red two golden beams.


Aust- Agder is divided in 15 municipalities: ( Inhabitants on 1 January 2007 )