Australian Bureau of Statistics

The Australian Bureau of Statistics ( ABS) is the Australian Bureau of Statistics. It was founded on December 8, 1905 as the Commonwealth Bureau of Census and Statistics ( CBCS ). It recognized even then the importance of statistics, both as a basis for policy decisions as well as for research purposes.

In 1974, from the CBCS today's Australia Bureau of Statistics.


The Authority shall, every 5 years by a census ( Australia Census of Population and Housing ). The results of the last census, held in 2006, were published on 25 October 2007 and are available on the ABS website freely available.

Further surveys

In addition to population growth, the ABS also provides many other statistics. Some of the most important figures from the private and public sectors are published as national indicators ( Key National Indicators), including:

  • Gross domestic product
  • Consumption and investment
  • Production
  • Price history
  • Labor market and demography
  • Income
  • Property

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