Australian White Ensign

The Australian White Ensign, also called Royal Australian Navy Ensign is the official flag of the Royal Australian Navy. It is used since 1967 as Seekriegsflagge and a jack at the ships of the Australian Navy.


The White Ensign is based on the Australian National Flag and the White Ensign of the Royal Navy. It has an aspect ratio of 2:1, is in the upper left corner of the Union Jack, which goes back to the history as a British colony. On a white background is located in the lower left corner a blue seven -pointed star, the Commonwealth Star. The right half is occupied by five stars that symbolize the Southern Cross. A star is five pointed, the other four are seven jagged.


Since its founding in 1911 led to the Royal Australian Navy White Ensign of the Royal Navy. Early on, there were proposals for a private Australian Navy flag, but these were rejected by the British Admiralty on the grounds that it would be useful if all the navies of the Commonwealth would perform the same flag. Not until 1965 that suggested the then Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Sir Alan McNicoll introducing its own Australian Seekriegsflagge, particularly with regard to the Australian participation in the Vietnam War, where the Australian warships flying the flag of a country not participating in the war. On January 21, 1966, the Naval Board of the Australian government put forward the proposal for the introduction of a new flag. After this design was adopted by both the government and the Queen, the Naval Board announced on 23 December 1966, the introduction of the new flag 1 March of the following year. The first ship was put into service under the new flag was the catering HMAS Boonaroo.