Austrocactus coxii

Austrocactus coxii is a flowering plant in the genus Austrocactus from the cactus family ( Cactaceae ). The specific epithet honors coxii G. Cox, who traveled to Argentina.


Austrocactus coxii grows with short columnar stems that reach heights of growth of up to 60 centimeters in diameters of 5 centimeters. There are 6 to 10 ribs available, which are divided into cusps. The 1-4 hard, straight or slightly hakigen central spines are light brown to whitish and up to 4 inches long. The 6 to 10 thin spines are interwoven and up to 1 inches long.

The bright red flowers have a length of up to 3.5 centimeters and just such diameter.

Distribution and systematics

Austrocactus coxii is widespread in southern Argentina.

The first description as Echinocactus coxii was published in 1898 by Karl Moritz Schumann. Curt Backeberg put the type in 1959 in the genus Austrocactus.