Municipality of Autafonds in Chenaleyres

Autafond is a municipality in the District de la Sarine ( German: Sarine district) of the Canton of Fribourg in Switzerland.


Autafond is located on 656 m above sea level. Level, 6 km west of the capital of the canton of Fribourg (air line). The village stretches a scenic location on the southeast slope of the forest height Bois de Combes, overlooking the valley of Sonnaz in Molassehügelland of Fribourg Mittelland.

The area of ​​2.4 km ² large municipality area includes a portion of the Molassehöhen between the Broyeebene and the Saanen valley. The area is bounded on the east by the Sonnaz, in the south of her left Bach Ruisseau du Moulin. To the west of the municipality floor extends over the gently sloping hillside of Autafond down to the forest height from Les Dailles ( above sea level with 734 m. M. the highest point of Autafond ) and Bois de Combes (732 m above sea level. M. ). To the north, the area extends to the edge of the forest of the Bois des Devins. From the municipality surface 1997 2 % came from settlements, 32 % of forest and woody plants and 66% to agriculture.

To Autafond the hamlet Combes include ( 669 m above sea level. M. ) on a plateau east of the Bois de Combes and farm estate Chenaleyres (618 m above sea level. M. ) on the western flank of the Sonnaz. Neighboring communities of Autafond are Belfaux, Chésopelloz, Ponthaux and Grolley.


With 74 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) Autafond one of the smallest municipalities in the canton of Fribourg. Of the 94.7 % inhabitants are French-speaking and German-speaking 5.3 % (as of 2005). The population of Autafond amounted in 1850 to 101 residents in 1900 to 113 inhabitants. During the 20th century, the population increased to 1970 by over 30 % to 78 residents aged. Since then, the population fluctuated between 70 and 90 people.


Autafond still lives by agriculture, particularly from agriculture, dairy farming and cattle breeding. Outside the primary sector there are no other jobs in the village.


The community is located off the major thoroughfares. The main access is from Belfaux. Autafond has no connection to the public transport network.


The four tumuli from the Hallstatt period have been found at Autafond, evidence of an early settlement of the municipality. The first written mention of the village was carried out in 1236 under the name Auta - fonz. The place name is derived from the Latin words fons alta (high source).

In Autafond possessed in the Middle Ages, the Bishop of Lausanne and the Priory Payerne basic and tithes. By buying the village came in 1442 under the rule of Freiburg and the Old Landscape ( Spitalpanner ) has been assigned. After the collapse of the ancien régime (1798 ) was one Autafond during the Helvetic Republic and the subsequent time to the district of Freiburg, before it was incorporated in 1848 with the new cantonal constitution in the Sarine district.


The estate Chenaleyres was built in 1716 by architect André- Joseph Rossier for himself and his wife Marie -Hélène de Castella Delley and has a chapel. Two other mansions from the 18th century are situated in the hamlet Combes; as the first owner of the larger family de Montenach is detected, the construction of the smaller is due to the extinct noble family de Progin. Autafond does not have its own church, it belongs to the parish Belfaux.

Farmhouse in Autafond

Farm estate Combes