Autochthonous ( ancient Greek αὐτός cars, auto ' and χθών Chthon ' earth ', aboriginal, originally ) referred to:

  • Autochthonous ( Αὐτόχθον ), King of Atlantis, son of Poseidon and Kleito; see Kleito

Autochthonous called:

  • The property of a population group to be indigenous; see the antonym allochthonous ( ethnology)
  • The property of biological species, since long and without human aid, to live in an area; see indigenous species
  • , acquired the status of an infectious disease in an area and not to have been introduced by a travel or transport of affected individuals
  • To have been the property of rocks, not tectonically displaced or otherwise rearranged; see autochthonous (geology)
  • Muscle, which is located at the point at which it was created in embryonic development, see autochthonous back muscles.

Autochtone stands for:

  • Indigenous peoples, the found, however marginalized population in an area
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