Automobilclub von Deutschland

The Automobile Club of Germany ( AVD ), headquartered in Frankfurt am Main is one of Germany's oldest automobile club and one of the largest in Germany.


The association consists of 47 local clubs (as of March 2014), which partly as a registered association ( eV ) are performed. The AVD is represented by a seven-member Executive Committee: President Ludwig Prince of Löwenstein -Wertheim -Freudenberg. The six Vice Presidents lead the charge of Tourism, Sales ( Gebhard Sanne ), Controlling ( Peter A. Verloop ), sports, youth ( Volker Strycek ), marketing ( Frank -Rainer Nitschke ), legal and Transport ( Hasso work ), and Classic, Finance ( Franz Graf zu Ortenbourg ). The Board is assisted by a Steering Committee, so that the responsibility is distributed to around ten people.


The AVD was founded in 1899 in Berlin as a German Automobile Club (DAC). He is the umbrella organization of various local and Korporativclubs throughout Germany, for example, the Bavarian, of Berlin, the Rhineland and Schleswig -Holstein automobile clubs. 1900 organized the AVD the first International Motor Show in Frankfurt / Main, 1905 it was renamed to Imperial Automobile Club ( KAC ), since Kaiser Wilhelm II took over the patronage at Christmas about the club.

In 1904, the AVD organized the first international car race in Germany, the race for the Coupe Gordon Bennett in Bad Homburg vor der Höhe (see also Motor Sport 1904 ).

After the end of the monarchy in Germany, gave the club its present name in 1918 Automobile Club of Germany ( AVD ). In addition to motorsports, for the AVD always dedicated, road safety is another important issue: 1924 belonged to the AVD therefore one of the founders of the German road. 1926 organized by the club on the AVUS, the financing of which he was involved, the first Grand Prix of Germany.

1935 was the AVD to its statutory purpose and changed its name in German foreign club to escape the DC circuit in the National Socialist Motor Corps ( NSKK ).

On November 6, 1948, the AVD was re-established in Königstein im Taunus. The following year, the Assembly of the FIA unanimously decided the resumption of the AVD. The AVD - members Huschke von Hanstein, Manfred von Brauchitsch, Paul von Metternich and Juan Manuel Fangio won again success in motor sport. In 1953, the club with six DKW van on its roadside assistance. In 1967, AVD sports president Huschke von Hanstein the formula V to Germany. In the same year (1967 ) of the AVD promoted by public accident demonstrations the introduction of the seat belt. In 1968, the AVD - car ECG - the first technical test that could be performed mobile.

In addition to the commitment to road safety and roadside assistance to the AVD care in the following years more and more also for older vehicles. Together with the Historical Club racing and sports cars Nürburgring eV ( CHRSN ) and the Hesse Motorsport Club eV Wiesbaden hosted the AVD is why in 1972 the first International Historic Race at the Nürburgring - from this event later became the AVD Oldtimer Grand Prix forth. In the past ten years, the AVD has developed into a service company and significantly expanded its services. With the announced on 6 October 2008 cooperation with the Alliance in the areas of insurance and service offering aims to improve again.


The AVD will offer all services of a classic automobile clubs. This includes primarily the breakdown and towing assistance. The AVD has its own 24-hour emergency call center.

In addition, the AVD offers its members:

  • Insurance Services: Car insurance
  • AVD accident insurance,
  • AVD - Europe - letter protection PLUS,
  • AVD - legal expenses insurance
  • AVD - travel health insurance

In addition to the breakdown service of AVD represents the interests of motorists in business, politics and society. AVD Honorary President Rudolf Graf von der Schulenburg is the only German representative in the FIA Senate. The AVD organized safety inspections and provides further assistance in travel and accident area.


The AVD is an active organizer of various motorsport events such as the Grand Prix of Germany, the Toyota Yaris Cup, the AVD Oldtimer Grand Prix or the AVD Pro 2000 Racing Kart Trophy. He also organized the rally Eisenberg and Saxons rally.

The AVD as sponsor, among other things, the AVD race weekends, the AVD inter- series and the BF Goodrich Long Distance Championship Nürburgring. In addition, the AVD - Korporativclubs organize numerous own events and promote the motorsport commitment of its members. Another event of the AVD is the discharged since 2008 Kart racing series AVD Kart Challenge, which is run on Sodi RX 250 throughout the country.


Another focus of AVD activity is directed to the preservation of historic vehicles. In addition to the AVD Oldtimer Card and the AVD Oldtimer Grand Prix, the AVD has been using for the needs of vintage and classic cars owners and the care automotive treasures one. Many classic car clubs, some of which are dedicated to specific brands or models, also belong to the AVD. It was partly due to the work of the AVD that classic car may be driven with H and red plate with Exemption environmental zones.

Traffic Safety

As Verkehrsclub the AVD is also actively involved in organizations and projects for road safety. Thus, the AVD is in German Road Safety Council represented and member of the German traffic court day. Allianz SE is informational videos were sent out nationwide to all elementary schools in which Willi Weitzel demonstrates why it is so important that children ( " belt " ) are properly secured with restraint systems. Under the patronage of the Federal Minister of Transport Peter Ramsauer he contributes to the award Hero of the road next to Goodyear and Seat. In addition, the AVD gives together with the Automobile Club Westfalen eV the Westphalian Traffic Safety Award and supports the project together with this guardian angel of the district of Gütersloh.


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