Automobile Racing Club of America

The Automobile Racing Club of America ( ARCA ) is an American Motorsports Association, which was founded in 1953 by John Marcum. President of ARCA is Ron Drager.

The discharged from the ARCA ARCA Racing Series race in the use touring car, similar to those in the NASCAR Sprint Cup. This is also due to the fact that part of the old Sprint Cup race car are used by ARCA. The driver's field consists of a mix of professional and semi- professional drivers as well as newcomers who want to make a name. The latter take part also in the context of a driver development program of NASCAR teams in ARCA race.

In addition to the RE / MAX Series ARCA also hosts a race series with trucks in the so-called ARCA Lincoln Welders Truck Series. ARCA is the owner of the Toledo Speedway and Flat Rock Speedway.