Automobiles Rally

Automobiles Rally was a French manufacturer of automobiles.

Company History

A Lord Rothschild founded the company in 1921 in Colombes to the production of automobiles. The brand name was rally. 1933 production ended.

Rolling stock

The first model was a sporty small car, equipped with a V-2 engine from Harley -Davidson. From 1922, came four-cylinder engines from Chapuis - Dornier, CIME, Ruby and SCAP used. In 1926 the company unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, the Grand Sport with an engine of Chapuis - Dornier with 1100 cc capacity and compressor. He made about 70 hp. Thus, a top speed of nearly 180 km / h was given. From 1927 originated about 14 to 16 of these vehicles. A Grand Sport cost 1928 42.900 French francs.

1927 there was also a model with a small eight-cylinder engine and 1100 cc capacity. From 1931 found Salmson engines use.

A car of this brand is on display in the car museum vintage in Reninge in Belgium. Supposedly there are still three Rally Grand Sport, one of them in Switzerland.