Automotodrom Grobnik

45.38258333333314.508666666667Koordinaten: 45 ° 22 ' 57 " N, 14 ° 30' 31" E

Between 1978 and 1990, 13 times the Grand Prix of Yugoslavia took place in the context of the motorcycle world championship here.

Driving information

The Automotodrome Grobnik complies with the regulations of the FIA ​​and the FIM.

The distance is 4168 meters long, 2017 meters in total of 15 curves. The difference in height is 22 meters.


The line was created in 1977 and completed after five months of construction. She had been built the Motorcycle World Championship specifically for the preservation of the Grand Prix of Yugoslavia after it had been in 1977 the hitherto occupied runway Preluk in nearby Opatija two dead and 19 injured and were taken then from the WRC calendar, the route had.

In 1991 the end for the Grand Prix of Yugoslavia followed. The planned for 16 June of the year race was canceled because of the outbreak of war in Yugoslavia.

In 2004, the motodrome was posted more than 290 days. In addition to individuals who can go there after registration, use many renowned automobile and motorcycle manufacturers such as Audi, Subaru, Suzuki and Aprilia Automotodrome as a test track.