Autonomous counties of the People's Republic of China

Autonomous circuits (Chinese自治县/自治县, Pinyin Zizhixian ) are administrative divisions of the People's Republic of China at the county level. Currently, there are 117 autonomous counties ( 31 December 2012). There are also three autonomous banners. The number of these 120 autonomous administrative units is relatively stable. On the one hand, the number is unlikely to rise because now all channels that have a right to ethnic autonomy under the Constitution of the People's Republic of China, were able to realize this also, on the other hand, the number is also scarcely shrink because conversion to county-level cities or districts (such as she often is ) would lead to the loss of autonomy in circles. Autonomous circuits are, as a rule, the parent district level. In the Chongqing Municipality and in Hainan province they are subject, however, directly to the provincial level, which has renounced here to install a district level at all or extend the district level to circles (Hainan ).

Main locations and thus seat of county government are usually large municipalities (in rare cases municipalities) that have often been strong urban character.

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