Autostrada A26 (Italy)

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  • Liguria
  • Piedmont

The Autostrada A26 (Italian for, A26 '), also known as the Autostrada dei Trafori, is an Italian highway in the northwest of the country that runs from Genoa to afterGrave Toce. It is 197 km long and toll road in its entire length. The motorway is in the Italian regions of Liguria and Piedmont. It is operated by the Italian motorway company Autostrade per l' Italia.


The A26 was ( three lanes in each direction ) be established as relief highway far away from large cities to drive around the still partially derived from the pre-war period A7 from the start through to six lanes and the European route 25 placed thereon. The lines of meant that several already existing motorways via cross-connections ( Diramazione ) had to be associated with it, the A7/A26, the A4/A26 and the continuation A4/A5 and A8/A26 the. It was designed as the main link between northern Europe and the Gulf of Genoa and the north has connections both to the Great St. Bernard and Simplon, as well as away to Ticino to St. Gotthard and San Bernardino.

It begins in Genoa Voltri where it crosses the north Ligurian Apennines. In this section, it leads to the village of fado over the Passo del Turchino. Shortly afterwards branches off the cross connection from the A7, the existing connection between Milan and Genoa. Continue north leader, they reached the Po Valley and Alessandria. North of Alessandria it crosses the A21 ( between Turin and Piacenza). Then they reached the town of Casale and crossed the river Po. North branches off the A4/A26 junction, which leads to the A4 and the A5 and continue to the Great St. Bernard and the Mont Blanc. Past the town of Vercelli it intersects the east of Novara with the A4. Now the A26 follows the course of the river Sesia, before they Ghemme in its course to the northeast changes and hits the A8/A26 junction, which leads to Gallarate. Now the A26 enters the Alps and through numerous tunnels on the west side of Lake Maggiore over. At the northwestern end of Lake Maggiore, the highway reaches its end point at Grave Toce and 33 is continued as a highway SS, which leads via Domodossola and the Simplon Pass in Switzerland.


The highway was extended between 1970 and 1995 gradually to the north.

On August 11, 1977, the opening of the first part of the piece between Genova Voltri and Alessandria was. Just one year later, on 27 July 1978 the section between Alessandria and Stroppiana was opened to traffic on 20 December 1988, the opening up Ghemme - Arona. Last came the section between Arona and Grave Toce, which was opened on 14 July 1995. On 15 December 1994, the connection to the SS 33 was completed.