Autozam Scrum

The Autozam Scrum is a van in the kei car class, based on the Suzuki Carry. It is marketed as a panel van, minibus and truck pickup of Autozam and as Microvan Mazda Scrum Wagon Mazda, the model is only available in its home market of Japan, also known as Mazda.

First generation Mazda / Autozam Scrum 1989-1991

After Mazda had decided to develop a successor to the Mazda Porter Cab, it was decided to sell the Suzuki Carry by badge - engineering as Mazda Scrum. The sale started in June 1989 based on the Carry the ninth generation with the 550 cc Suzuki F5B engines with 34 kW or PS/25 52PS/38 kW intercooled turbocharger. Already after only nine months, it was replaced by the larger DG/DH51 660 cc with 38 PS/28 kW or 58 kW PS/43 while the scrum was now in all versions as Autozam Scrum and no longer offered as a Mazda.

Autozam Scrum Truck

Second generation Autozam Scrum 1991-1997 / 1997-1999 Mazda Scrum, Scrum Wagon 1997-2005

In 1991, the second generation based on the Suzuki Carry ( Zente generation) again as a van / minibus, truck and minivan Autozam Scrum in all markets with the SOHC inline 3-cylinder with 50 hp and with intercooler and turbocharger with 61 hp. The engine is fitted under the luggage compartment as a rear engine. Slight modifications were made in February 1993 and June 1995. Starting in April 1997, the Scrum has now offered only as Mazda Scrum. The Microvan based on the Suzuki Every now and got the name Mazda Scrum Wagon. The performance of SOHC Turbo Intercooler rose to 64PS.

Autozam Scrum Truck

Autozam Scrum Truck facelift model

Mazda Scrum Van

Mazda Scrum Wagon

Third generation Mazda Scrum since 1999

In January 1999, the third generation of Scrum the eleventh generation was launched in parallel with the Suzuki Carry as Mazda Scrum in the home market. The engine is now at Scrum since then mounted under the driver's seat as well as the safety of the passengers has been improved along with improved usability and greater cargo space. As engines of 3SOHC with 60 hp or 50 hp were initially used. In addition to front airbags, there was now also anti -lock brakes and seat belts with load limiters. As a "PA" and "GA" Van has the minibus as standard with electric windows front and rear additional heating. When Buster the model is offered as a van / station wagon. In addition, the scrum with an optional 3- speed automatic transmission is now available in all-wheel drive variant.

Since September 2001, the 3DOHC engine from solid aluminum is built with the same power. The dashboard and the front facility has been revised with the aim of a sporty appearance. Power windows on the driver's side have since been standard equipment on all versions.

Mazda Scrum Van

Mazda Scrum Buster

Mazda Scrum Wagon III since 2005

In September 2005, launched the third Microvan the series, again as Mazda Scrum Wagon. In addition to improved safety with front and side airbags and ABS variability has been improved in the interior. Again, the 660 - cc 3-cylinder comes from solid aluminum with 49 hp or 64 hp and 5 -speed manual transmission is used. Optional is a 3 - or 4- speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive available.

In July 2007 there was a small revision with improved seats and modified the design of the radiator grille. Since then, BI -Xenon headlights are available.

Since May 2010 a re- revised version is on the market with a modified front design and the consumption of the engines has been reduced by about 0.2 l/100 km.

Rear view

Pictures of Autozam Scrum