Avenue Victor-Hugo (Paris)

With a length of 1,765 meters ( its width is 36 meters) is the Avenue Victor- Hugo one of the longest streets in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. It runs from the Place Charles de Gaulle with the Arc de Triomphe to the Place Tattegrain ( Avenue Henri- Martin).


The street is named after the French writer Victor Hugo (1802-1885), who himself lived in this street and also died there. At that time she was wearing but still the Avenue d' Eylau name and thought with this name out in the February 1807 Battle of Eylau Prussian. Previously called the Avenue de Saint-Cloud, because it was a connecting road from Paris to about ten kilometers west located Nobel suburb Saint-Cloud and is. Her first name was Charles Avenue X in honor of the last ruler of France, who bore the title of " King of France and Navarre ": Philippe Charles X ( 1757-1836 ).

Place Victor - Hugo

Even in the old village of Passy, which was slammed in 1860 Paris, this place was a central transportation hub, which has acted at that time as Place de Passy. Today is under the square, the Victor Hugo Metro Station, which lies on the route of Line 2. It is the last stop before the terminus located west thereof Porte Dauphine.

Notable residents and building

  • In the house number 124 Victor Hugo spent from 1881, the last years of his life, and he died there on 22 May 1885.
  • At number three lived Lysius Solomon, who spent nine years ( 1879-1888 ) President of Haiti.
  • On the road which is in accordance with the Dutch humanist and Africa researcher Olfert Dapper named Musée Dapper, come fully into the friends of the black continent at their expense. The museum, whose entrance is located in the neighboring Rue Paul Valéry, offers a permanent exhibition of sculptures, paintings and photographs from Africa and from countries with cultures black African origin ( such as Latin America).
  • Also on this street is the Church Built in 1855 Saint- Honoré d' Eylau ( Place Victor - Hugo No. 9) and the same private Catholic school of Technology ( Avenue Victor- Hugo No. 117).
  • The republics of Benin ( number 87) and Nigeria ( number 173) maintain their embassies here.