Avi Ran

Avi Ran ( August 25, 1963July 11, 1987 in the Sea of ​​Galilee in Tiberias ) was an Israeli football player. Ran was considered one of the greatest players and goalkeepers Israel and looked forward to a promising future when he came by accident.

Football career

Ran won with his home club Maccabi Haifa twice the Israeli championship. In the 1985/86 season he set a record when he conceded just 18 goals in 39 games this season. That's why he was in the same year "Footballer of the Year" in Israel. In addition, he was keeper of the Israeli national

The accident

On July 11, 1987 Maccabi Haifa celebrated on the Sea of ​​Galilee. Avi Ran had set out on a swimming trip and was captured while bathing in the " Guy " beach of Tiberias by a speedboat. His funeral was attended more than 14,000 supporters of the club.

  • Soccer goalkeeper (Israel )
  • Born in 1963
  • Died in 1987
  • Man