Avigliana ( Piedmontese Vijan -a, latin Villiana ) is a municipality with 12,262 inhabitants (as of 31 December 2012) in the Italian province of Turin (TO ), Region Piedmont.

Avigliana is a member of the mountain commune Comunità Montana Bassa Valle di Susa and Val Cenischia. The municipality consists of the villages Drubiaglio, Milanere, Mortera and Bertassi. The neighboring municipalities are Villardora, Almese, Caselette, Sant'Ambrogio di Torino, Valgioie, Buttigliera Alta, Giaveno, Reano and Trana.

The patron saint of the town is St. John the Baptist.


The town is located 25 km from the provincial capital of Turin at an altitude of 383 m above sea level. The municipality covers an area of ​​23.26 km ². Near the village there are numerous lakes, which are protected by the Parco Naturale di Laghi Avigliana.


  • The ruins of the ancient castle, the Castello
  • The churches of Chiesa di San Giovanni and Chiesa di San Pietro