Avinash Dixit

Avinash Kamalakar Dixit ( born August 6, 1944 in Bombay, now Mumbai) is an American economist and professor at Princeton University.


Avinash Dixit attended the University of Bombay and graduated in mathematics and physics in 1963 with a Bachelor of Science degree. At this he completed a degree in mathematics from the University of Cambridge in which he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. His Ph.D. Dixit received a further three years later of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he had worked for three years as a Research Assistant. Later, in 1972, 1977 and 1994, he worked at this institute as a visiting professor. After the Ph. D. get he went as an adjunct professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and taught from 1970 to 1974 at Balliol College, Oxford University. In parallel, held Dixit 1972 lectures as a visiting professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After he left the University of Oxford he was Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick. In 1980 he became a member of the Econometric Society which he was president in 2001. 1981 Avinash Dixit Professor of Economics and International Affairs at Princeton University. Still in 1981, he was co-editor of Bell Journal of Economics where he stayed until 1983. 1990 to 1994 he was again co-editor of a magazine, this time of the Econometric Society Monograph Series. Him the honorary doctorate was awarded in 1996 by the Norwegian School of Economics. After Dixit 2001 was president of the Econometric Society, followed a year later the position as Vice President of the American Economic Association ( AEA). In 2007 he was elected president of the AEA. On 19 July 2007 he received from the University of Warwick, an honorary Doctor of Law ( Honorary Doctor of Laws)

Scientific Work

Together with Barry Nalebuff transferred Dixit model of game theory from mathematics to economics, politics, and also on everyday life. The book this has been translated into ten languages, including German, Chinese, Japanese and Hebrew. Dixit also conducted research on principal- agent - theoretical problems of the diamond industry.


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