Avior Airlines

Avior Airlines is a Venezuelan airline based in Barcelona.


Avior Airlines was founded in 1994. It was bought by oil transport a Cessna Skymaster and a Aerocomander AC - 500-S to refineries. In 1995, the airline has two Dornier Do 28 bought to expand the national air operations in Venezuela. The airline first flew to the objectives Isla Margarita and Canaima. Some time later, a Beechcraft 1900, a Cessna 208 were purchased. 1999 bookings via the Internet were the first time. The airline belongs to private owners.


Avior Airlines flies next to national routes and some international destinations such as Miami or Fort-de -France and also handles charter flights.


As of October 2013, the fleet of Avior Airlines from 14 aircraft consists of:

  • 5 Boeing 737-200 (1 decommissioned)
  • 3 Boeing 737-400 (1 decommissioned)
  • 6 Fokker 50 (5 decommissioned)

Pictures of Avior Airlines