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Avtotor (Russian Автотор ) is a 1996 existing in the Russian Federation automobile manufacturer with headquarters in Kaliningrad. According to Forbes magazine, in 1996 the company was among the 200 largest private companies in Russia on the 69th Place. Avtotor also bought the naming rights in 2008 the brands Hummer and Caydillac with limitation on the Russian market and the right to own model development. All of the company's vehicles are assembled kits. Only the NAC - trucks and the engines are used in Avtotor from our own production. The translation of the company name (company) Avtotor as much as gateway for automobiles (after Russia and Asia ) or simply Autotor. The vehicle identification number is the work with the manufacturer's code x4x.

Joint ventures


In a joint venture with Bayerische Motoren -Werke, the production of the BMW 3 - series and later the BMW 5 - series was added in 1999. 2006 was followed by the BMW X3 and 2009 models BMW X5 and BMW X6.


With the Chinese car brand Chery Avtotor 2006, entered into a joint venture. In the same year, the production of the models Chery Amulet, Chery Fora, Chery QQ, Chery Tiggo and Chery Oriental Son began spite of market success, the Avtotor ended in December 2008, the joint venture and introduced the corresponding production lines at the BMW models.


The third joint venture agreed Avtotor in 2003 with the U.S. General Motors. On November 21, 2003 is rolled, the first Russian Lacettis Chevrolet and Chevrolet Lanos from the band and ranked as the first models of the manufacturer in the compact class. Contrary, in 2004 built Avtotor from his SUV model range and put it on the models Hummer H1 Alpha, Hummer H2, Hummer H3, the Chevrolet TrailBlazer and the Chevrolet Tahoe. As microcars followed the end of 2003 the little Chevrolet Spark. This is to be replaced in 2011 by the current version. In the upper middle class Avtotor produces the notchback sedan Cadillac STS and the Cadillac SUV DUU. The Lanos, however, was deleted from the model program in 2009 and replaced by the Cadillac BLS Cadillac SRX and the second generation. For 2010, the Cadillac Escalade Avtotor also brought into the model program.

Kia Motors

The second joint venture took Avtotor 1998 under the name Ellada Intertreyd with the South Korean automobile manufacturer Kia Motors on. As a global manufacturer code XWE reserved. Our own factory code will, however, not used, is to be found in eleventh position of the vehicle identification number is a 0. The first model in its rolled until the spring of 2000 by band. These were to the resident in the middle class minivan Kia Carnival. This was then replaced in 2006 by the second generation. In the middle class Avtotor placed 2001 notchback sedan Kia Magentis, which enjoyed especially in the middle class popularity. 2009, the Magentis was replaced by the new generation. As SUV of the middle class is established then the 2004 Kia Sportage the second generation, which was always adjusted to facelifts. 2006 followed the based in the upper middle class Kia Opirus and 2007 in the compact class, Kia cee'd. Somewhat belatedly, came in 2009 then the Kia Carens third generation and the new SUV Kia Mohave in production.


The fourth joint venture completed the Avtotor 2005 with the Chinese Nanjing Automobile Corporation. Thus, the company expanded its program and thus started his commercial vehicle manufacture. Since then, there are the trucks Yuejin NJ 1020, Yuejin NJ 1041 and Yuejin NJ 1080 in Russian manufacturing. Negotiations hang these models under its own brand name Avtotor have so far been rejected by the NAC.

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