Axel Brauns

Axel Braun ( born July 2, 1963 in Hamburg ) is a German writer and filmmaker, was diagnosed with autism.


His first two years of life spent Braun in Hamburg -Eimsbuettel. 1965 the family moved to Hamburg- Groß Flottbek. Braun attended the kindergarten, primary school and high school, where he graduated from high school at age 19. Then he began a degree in business and law studies at the University of Hamburg, which, however, he broke off in 1984 to devote himself exclusively to writing.

By his own admission Axel Braun sought from 1998 onwards conscious contact with people and forced himself to public. He attended a writing course to improve his previous scripts can continue, and founded a literary salon.

Writer and filmmaker

His autistic childhood and youth, beginning with the second year of life he describes in his 2002 autobiographical work stained shadows and bats - Living in another world. For an excerpt from this book, he received one of the prizes for literature of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, and he got an offer from the publisher Hoffmann and Campe in 2000.

Axel Braun was nominated for the German Book Prize 2003 in the category " Most successful debut". Coloured shadows and bats reached the Spiegel bestseller list.

In 2004, Braun made ​​his first feature film tsunami and rock piles, which premiered in 2008.

In September 2004, his novel cranes and Thumper appeared. In this Axel Braun describes the fictional girl Adina Adelung life. This lives in a house with her brother and her mother, who constantly found things - supposedly precious treasures - with brings home so the house can degenerate into a garbage dump. Only the friendship of the cranes Adina freed from her isolation and quirky from the junk.

Followed in 2006 with the thriller Day of the hunt Brauns ' second novel.


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