Axel Cadier

Axel Vilhelm Teodor Cadier (* September 13 1906 in Varberg, † October 29, 1974 in Gothenburg ) was a Swedish wrestler.


Axel Cadier comes from Borås. There he began as a teenager when athletes club (AK) with the rings. He was a late starter and had only reached the age of 25, the Swedish top class. From 1932 but he was then on the international wrestling mat one of the best middle and light heavyweight wrestlers in the world. Axel Cadier particularly impressed by its elegant ring way and his technical skill. He pushed for the unbeatable force Swedish " Ringer King " Ivar Johansson from the Swedish Olympic team in the middleweight division, who had to work off it out six kilograms in the welterweight division.

At the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles so he was considered a big favorite in the middleweight division, but lost as an international " newbie" the experienced Finnish Olympic champion from 1928 Väinö Kokkinen and quite surprisingly also the Hamburg Jean Foeldeak and had to settle for the bronze medal.

At the European Championships in 1933 in Helsinki, World Championships were not performed at that time, but he showed his skills can and has been with a final victory over Foeldeak in superior style European champions.

From 1934 Axel Cadier started at light heavyweight, but could not prevail in this weight class at the European Championships in Rome. He defeated Eric Siebert from Mainz and Edvin Bietags from Latvia and ended up in 4th place. 1935 he had established itself in the light heavyweight and was in Copenhagen in this weight class European champion in Greco- Roman style with superior five victories. Only Onni Pellinen from Finland could not shoulder from him. In the free style in the same year he won the silver medal in Brussels. In the final he was defeated by Hungary Edvard Virag.

At the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936, he was well prepared by the Finnish national coach of the Swedish team Robert Oksa sovereign Olympic champion. He scored six wins and beat this time in the final battle Edvin Bietags clear on points.

At the European Championships 1937 in Munich, he also won his first European title in free style. Paul Bohemian from Bad Reichenhall was his final opponent, whom he beat by unanimous decision. Finally, his last European title he won in 1938 in Tallinn in Greco -Roman style, the Italian Umberto Silvestri, Werner soul tie from Berlin and the Este Nikolai Karklin proved to be his most formidable opponent.

International success

(OS = Olympic Games, European Championship EM =, GR = Greco-Roman style, F = Freestyle, Mi = middleweight, Hs = light heavyweight, then to 79 kg or 87 kg body weight)

1940 Axel Cadier entered the U.S. on a profession rings. He was also there for over 20 years to the Spitzenkönnern, where he " catchte " in Europe, especially in France and England. He was from 1960 also known as a coach in the North American " Wrestling".


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Pictures of Axel Cadier