Axel Rauschenbach

Axel Rauschenbach (* 14 July 1967 in Dresden) is a German figure skater.


For figure skating came Axel Rauschenbach through the selection process in the GDR. He began at the age of four years with the ice skating at SC Einheit Dresden as an individual runner. At the age of 13, he sat as a pair skater continued his sports career. In 1985 Axel Rauschenbach to Chemnitz.

He first started out with Mandy Woetzel. To Me, he became vice European champion in pair skating in 1989. The couple started for the EV Chemnitz and was trained by Monika Scheibe. After a serious training accident in 1989 just before leaving for the World Championships in Paris Mandy Woetzel was briefly in a coma. After the Olympic Winter Games in Albertville in 1992, the couple separated. Axel Rauschenbach's new partner was Anuschka glasses. With it, he was also in 1994 German champion in pair skating and launched in the same year at the Olympic Winter Games in Lillehammer. The couple was also trained by Monika Scheibe. Following her amateur career in 1994, the couple glasses / Rauschenbach stepped up in 1996 in ice shows.

Axel Rauschenbach is a banker and was branch manager from 2004 to 2007 in Saxony. He is married to Anett Pötzsch since 1994 and is the stepfather of Claudia Rauschenbach. From the marriage with Anett Pötzsch the daughter Cindy has emerged in the autumn of 2007 he began studying at the Technical University of Chemnitz in the course automobile production and completed it with the Master of Science in order henceforth to work with his father in the patent attorney profession. Here he completed his legal training as a patent attorney.

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