4.8666666666667 - 2.2413888888889Koordinaten: 4 ° 52 ' N, 2 ° 14' W

Axim is a town in the Nzema East District in the Western Region of Ghana. The city has about 12,000 inhabitants and is located about 65 km west of Takoradi.


In Axim, the second oldest slave castle in Ghana is Fort St. Antony (actually Fort Sáo Antonio) from the year 1515 is since 1979 on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. 1642 here, the Treaty of Axim between local leaders and the Netherlands has been closed.


In Axim regular rain falls of over 2000 mm per year, making the city one of the rainiest places in the country.


A well-known personality from Axim (or one in the nearby village ) is Anton Wilhelm Amo ( 1703-1756 ), the first black African to be awarded a philosophical education in Europe and published philosophical works. Also, the first President of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah grew up near Axims and has lived there for a time, taught at a Catholic school and led an intellectual circle.