Aylett Hawes Buckner

Aylett Hawes Buckner ( born December 14, 1816 in Fredericksburg, Virginia; † February 5, 1894 in Mexico, Missouri ) was an American politician. Between 1873 and 1885 he represented the State of Missouri in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Aylett Buckner was a member of a famous political family. He was the nephew of Congressman Aylett Hawes (1768-1833) of Virginia and a cousin of Richard Hawes (1797-1877), the Congressman for Kentucky and Confederate governor of this state was. Another cousin was Congressman Albert Gallatin Hawes (1804-1849) of Kentucky. Buckner attended Georgetown College in Washington DC and then studied at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. In the following years he worked as a teacher. In 1837 he moved to Palmyra, Missouri, where he became deputy sheriff. After studying law and his 1838 was admitted as a lawyer, he started working in Bowling Green in this profession. At that time he also published the newspaper " Salt River Journal". In 1841 he was bailiff at the District Court in Pike County.

1850 Buckner moved to St. Louis, where he worked as a lawyer. Two years later, in 1852, he was attorney for the State Bank of Missouri. In 1854 and 1855 he was State Commissioner for Public Contracts ( Commissioner of Public Works). He then returned to the Pike County, where he settled on a farm near Bowling Green. In 1857, Buckner was judge in the third judicial district of Missouri. Politically, he joined the Democratic Party. In 1861 he was a delegate at a conference in the federal capital, Washington, was trying unsuccessfully to the to prevent the outbreak of civil war in the last minute. In the meantime moved Buckner to Saint Charles. He was also active in the tobacco processing and trading. He later moved into the place Mexico. He was a board member of the local Democratic Party. In 1872 he was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Baltimore, on the Horace Greeley was nominated as a presidential candidate.

In the congressional elections of 1872 Buckner was elected in the then newly created 13th electoral district of Missouri in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, where he took up his new mandate on March 4, 1873. After five re- elections, he was able to complete in Congress until March 3, 1885 six legislative periods. Since 1883 he represented there as a successor of Theron Moses Rice the seventh district of his state. From 1875 to 1877 Buckner headed the Committee for management of the Federal District District of Columbia. In three of his six legislative sessions, he was chairman of the Banking Committee.

In 1884, Aylett Buckner gave up another candidacy. After his retirement from the U.S. House of Representatives, he withdrew into retirement. He died on February 5, 1894 in his home in Mexico, where he was also buried.

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