Az (people)

The Az were a Turkic people whose origin is not fully understood.

The only evidence for the existence of this nation or tribe are the Bayan -Kol and the Mugur - Sargol inscriptions and among other things, a few verses from the Göktürks inscriptions.

About the origin of the Az there are many theories, but probably they were a people of non-Turkish origin, which was assimilated by various Turkish peoples.

According to Bayan -Kol - inscriptions Az lived consisting of six sub - clans in the region Mugur the west of the Tannu - Ola Mountains.

The name Az was found in writing for the first time in the Göktürks inscriptions under the section that describes the battles between the Göktürks and the Kyrgyz. In a battle against the Türgiş the Az probably fought on the side of Türgiş; for there were among the generals of the Türgiş a ruler named Az Tutuk. In a riot of Az in the year 714, the Göktürks defeated them once again. The name Az is also found in Uighur writings such as the Machine - Usu or the Terhin inscriptions.


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