Aza is:

  • Aza (Azerbaijan ), community in Azerbaijan
  • Aza (Armenia ), an ancient city in Armenia
  • Aza ( Mannaeans ), a king of Mannaeans
  • Aza ( first name ), a Kurdish male first name
  • A prefix in chemistry for the replacement of a methylene group CH2 by an optionally substituted NH group, see Aza (chemistry)
  • The stage name of Ariane Roth ( born 1974 ), German singer and stage actress

The abbreviation stands for Aza:

The abbreviation stands for aZa:

  • " Rely on cooperation " ( military area)

The abbreviation stands for AZA:

  • Alitalia ( ICAO code )
  • General circulation of the atmosphere, see planetary circulation
  • American Zinc Association
  • American Zoo and Aquarium Association
  • Anti-Zionist Action
  • Anzon Australia
  • Archaeological and Zoological Working Group
  • Ausgleichskasse Zurich employer
  • Application for a federal grant to issue based at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research
  • Payment orders in the accounting and record-keeping
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