Azerbaijan national basketball team

The Azerbaijan national basketball team represents Azerbaijan in international basketball matches of the men, such as in international tournaments and friendly matches.

So far the team failed to qualify for the Olympic Games, World Championships or European Championships themselves.


Until 1990 Azerbaijan was part of the Soviet Union, which is why Azerbaijani players could only play in the national basketball team of the USSR. After gaining independence from the Soviet Union, the Azerbaijani national basketball team was founded in 1991, which joined FIBA in 1994. Although Azerbaijan is situated in Southwest Asia, the Azerbaijan Basketball Association Member of FIBA ​​Europe and participates in qualifying rounds for the European Championships.

The team but has not a participation in a Endrunder a major tournament succeeded. But one won the 2006 and 2008 twice in a row, the gold medal at the FIBA European Championships for small countries.

Performance in international competitions

World Championships

  • Never qualified

Olympic games

  • Never qualified

European Championships

  • Never qualified