• 2 -azido -N-[ (1R, 2R ) -1,3- dihydroxy- 1-(4 -nitrophenyl) propan-2 -yl] acetamide (IUPAC)
  • D-(- ) -threo -2-( Azidoacetamido ) -1 - ( 4-nitrophenyl ) propane -1 ,3 -diol


107 ° C.

20 g · l - 1 in water

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Azidamfenicol is a drug from the group of Amphenicol antibiotic that is structurally similar to chloramphenicol.

It is only suitable for topical application. It can be used for treating bacterial conjunctivitis in the form of eye drops. In contrast to chloramphenicol Azidamfenicol is readily soluble in water. The spectrum of susceptible organisms similar to that of chloramphenicol. Finished products are not in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, or no longer on the market.


The chemical synthesis of Azidamfenicol from Azidoessigsäuremethylester described in the literature.