In AzSamand is a founded in October 2005 automobile manufacturer with headquarters in Azerbaijani Shemaxa. The company is a subsidiary of Evsen group of companies. The project operation for the production of automobiles was initiated by the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Əliyev. This led to negotiations with Evsen and Iran Khodro. The maximum annual capacity of AzSamand is 7,000 units. Around 1,200 workers are employed at the plant. For the establishment of the Export Development Bank of Iran has invested a sum in the amount of 150 million U.S. dollars. The management of the plant 's director Oqtay Nəbiyev.

In addition to installation of AzSamand Aziz has been held since 2010 in Shemaxa the production of car body parts and diesel engines instead. The registered, but not hitherto used brand name Aziz, stands for Azərbaycan inamla zirvələrə, which means about as much as Azerbaijani sovereignty at the top.

Started in 2007 in badge engineering, the assembly of the Peugeot LX. On the Auto Show Azerbaijan in Baku the presentation of the successor AzSamand LX has already taken place. Since 2010, the program is completed with the IKCO Sarir, but this comes up in Azerbaijan with the modern look of Soren.

On 7 to 12 October 2012, production for the repair of earthquake damage had to be suspended, which had shaken the Caucasus.