Azúcar Moreno

Azucar Moreno (Spanish: Brown Sugar ) was a music duo from Spain with Gitano background.


The duo consisted of the two sisters Toni and Encarna Salazar, both born in Badajoz and descendants of a musical family. They sold more than 2 million albums in her home country and had in Europe, the USA and Latin America in the 1990s, approximately 5 million albums sold.

In 1984 she published her first album, the " Con la miel en los labios " ( with honey on the lips ) was called. In 1986 " Estimulame ". In 1988, she published " Carne de melocoton " ( literally: the flesh of the peach, but meant a kiss ).

They represented Spain at Euro 1990 Song Contest in Zagreb and came in 5th place among 22 participants. The appearance of the singers were accompanied by one of the largest technical glitch that there has been in the ESC. The band with the prepare bung of percussions and basic rhythm was ramped up too late, so that the orchestra could no longer use. Then the singers left the stage. Then you must start it all worked out and the singers proved strong nerves. They achieved through their participation in an international breakthrough with many hits such as Amen, Mambo, Besame and Ole.

On 27 November 2008, the duo announced his provisional resignation, because Encarna Salazar had to undergo chemotherapy because of breast cancer. In September 2009, her healing was reported.