B'wana Beast

B'wana Beast ( Bwana Swahili for "Lord," beast engl. " Beast ") is the title of a series of comic publications are issued by the U.S. comic publisher DC since 1967. The comics have the adventure of an American big game hunter in the African jungles and steppes to content.

Plot and main character

The title character is a man named Mike Payson Maxwell, who is called by the inhabitants of the areas in which he goes to the game, only B'wana Beast. The name Bwana results from the habit of Africans this year - a remnant of colonialism Time - White to call the men in Swahili or " Bwana ". Nicknamed the " Beast" gets awarded because he does not go unlike most hunters in safari suit and pith helmet on the hunt, but in the manner of the natives wearing only a loincloth Maxwell. In addition, Maxwell mostly wearing a futuristic helmet that gives him the ability of two different animals from time to time to merge into a single schimärenhaften new being who obeys his will.

Between his hunts and other adventures B'wana Beast lives with his constant companion, the gorilla Djuba, in hiding at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.


Inventor of the figure and the action scenarios of B'wana Beast and the author of the first stories that were published as one of several features in the anthology series Showcase, the American Bob Haney was. The visual appearance of B'wana Beast and its surroundings was designed by the artist Mike Sekowsky, who is also the first stories about the character - in Showcase put into the picture - together with the Pens Joe Giella. The first story to B'wana Beast finally appeared in January 1967 in Showcase No. 66

After B'wana Beast was removed as a feature of Showcase in favor of other rows, the concept temporarily disappeared. In the 1970s, eventually new stories about the character in the series were published in DC Challenge, in which the Beast with Congo Bill, another jungle heroes together is. In the 1980s and 1990s eventually more B'wana Beast stories in the series, written by Grant Morrison Animal Man have been published. The authors finally wore the processes of decolonization and emancipation of black Africans account by Maxwell could give the role of beastes in favor of the African Mndawe Dominic, who also assumed the name of Freedom Beast.

B'wana Beast is also - synchronized in the U.S. original by Peter Onorat - one of the main characters of the episode This Little Piggy the U.S. animated series Justice League Unlimited.