B. V. Doshi

Balkrishna Doshi Vithaldas ( born August 26, 1927 in Pune, Maharashtra ) is an Indian architect.

He was strongly influenced by Le Corbusier, in whose office he held until 1957 collaborated in the early 1950s in Europe and 1954 in Ahmedabad, where he took over the construction management for the four planned by Le Corbusier industrialist villas, including for the Sarabhai House of Vikram Sarabhai in Ahmedabad. This exerted a major influence on his first independent work, with whom he began to in his own architectural office Vastu - Shilpa parallel.

His initial plans were a housing development for textile workers in Ahmedabad (1957-1960) and 1963, the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore. The buildings are two-story stone masonry. The monotonous gray is structured by the light that casts shadows in the open and with stone beams partially covered patios. Frequently used Doshi barrel vault, as in the Sangah, his own office and headquarters of the Vastu - Shilpa Foundation ( the Foundation undertakes research in the environmental field ), completed in 1981. The white concrete shells are reminiscent of the arched roofs of the earliest Buddhist cave monasteries or mound. The garden is designed in harmony with terraces, water channels and trees.

As a city planner designed Doshi 1984-1986 Vidyadhar Nagar, a suburb of Jaipur. The city is cited as an architectural example, because it was built as a complete system in the 18th century, strictly according to the principles of Vastu Vidiya. In Doshi's concept of experiment is seen to combine a synthesis between the reformist urbanism of Le Corbusier and its emphasis on nature and the sun with the tradition of courtyards and narrow streets. He will take over from its predecessor applied in the 18th century 9 -field diagram of the Vastu Purusha Mandala and reinterpreted in a contemporary language dimensions and social division through to the facade design. In this interview he lamented the uniform architecture of modernity and misses in the mythical world of primitive man. Another use of the Vastu Purusha Mandala is the design for the Computer Science and Engineering Department in 1994 from the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai, where he uses the chart rather than ritual literally in this case.

Doshi living in Ahmedabad since the 1950s.