B.Z. (newspaper)

B.Z. is a tabloid newspaper from Berlin, in the BZ Ullsteinhaus GmbH, a 100 % owned subsidiary of Axel Springer AG, appears. With a paid circulation of 125 307 copies is the BZ in Berlin is currently the local newspaper with the highest circulation.

The B.Z. is not to be confused with the appearing since 1945 Berliner Zeitung and also published in the GDR tabloid BZ evening ( today Berliner Kurier ).


At its founding on October 1, 1877 was the sheet Berliner Zeitung, abbreviated as BZ In 1878 she bought Leopold Ullsteinhaus. In 1904 she became the B.Z. at noon restructured - and made ​​it clear that she was a daily newspaper. After the setting of the Second World War and the return of the expropriated during the Nazi rule Ullstein assets BZ appeared for the first time on 19 November 1953. Since the acquisition of the Ullstein publisher 1960 it is - as the Bild newspaper or the world - to be counted among the papers of the Axel Springer Group and also helps their political line.

On 9 November 2006, the publisher announced that the newspaper into a separate company, the BZ Ullsteinhaus GmbH to outsource. You should be more profitable in the highly competitive market in Berlin. Associated with the spin-off was a removal of the editorial in February 2007 by Axel Springer building in Kreuzberg at the Kurfürstendamm in the Neues Kranzler Eck in Charlottenburg. The put to the Football World Cup 2006 on the market since August 2006 and sold with a circulation of 50,000 copies Sport -BZ was discontinued December 22, 2006.

In July 2013, the Springer Group announced as part of a reorganization of its print division, the Association of Editors of BZ and the Berlin edition of the picture. However, both titles are - both print and online - retain their independence. Subsequently, the exchanged B.Z. with Springer - sister publication Berliner Morgenpost ( Morgenpost ) in November 2013, the premises: The BZ moved back to the Axel - Springer -Hochhaus, the Morgenpost took over from the BZ their previous premises at Neues Kranzler Eck.

Support development

The B.Z. has clearly lost in the past few years during the week to rest. Between 1998 and 2013, the number of copies sold has fallen by more than 50 percent. At the same time, the proportion of subscribers has risen to around 15 percent.

Development of sold copies

At the weekend edition is still significantly higher.

Development of sold copies


  • November 1953 to November 1960: Karl -Heinz Hagen
  • December 1960 to September 1973: Malte - Till Cog
  • October 1973 to July 1991: William Pannier
  • August 1991-July 1992: Claus Larass (Deputy 1991/92: Kai Diekmann )
  • August 1992-September 1996: Wolfgang Kryszohn
  • October 1996 to June 1998: Manfred von Thien
  • July 1998 to December 2000: Franz Josef Wagner
  • January 2001-July 2003: Georg Gafron
  • August 2003 to October 2004: Florian von Heintze
  • November 2004 to July 2008: Walter Mayer
  • Since August 2008: Peter Huth

B.Z. Culture Prize

Since 1991, the newspaper will award an annual culture prize, the Berlin Bear.

Action " Berlin Heroes "

Together with the Berlin experts for voluntary work founded the BZ In October 2009, the social network of the " Berlin Heroes ". "Who wants to help, which is to through the action" " find out where it is needed and where his help is most useful. " Berlin Heroes On the website www.berliner- helden.com and daily in the BZ the so-called hands-on activities, be presented - from homework help or renovation of a recreation room to collect garbage in the woods or Spielplatzbauen.