B1A4 is a South Korean pop group that was founded in 2010 by WM Entertainment.

Band History

On April 21, 2011, they released their first album Let's Fly.

On January 26, 2013, it gave a sold-out concert in front of 30,000 fans in Japan.

According to the U.S. Billboard magazine to B1A4 have gained an international fan base in no time. She was at the 27th Golden Disk Awards an award for best newcomer.


The band has five active members:

  • Jinyoung ( born November 18, 1991), actually Jung Jin Young, is the band leader and singer.
  • Baro ( born September 5 1991) Cha Sun Woo actually, rapper
  • Sandeul (* March 20, 1992 ), actually Lee Jung Hwan, Lead Singer
  • Gong Chan ( born August 14, 1993), actually Gong Chan Shiik, singer
  • CNU (born 16 June 1991), Shin Dong Woo actually, singers, rappers


Studio albums



B1A4 won the 2011 together with A Pink Dalshabet and at the 26th Golden Disk Awards the New Rising Star Award for a CD production for the EP Let's Fly. 2012, the band for the best album of the year was nominated (The B1A4 ) and stepped Festival in the main program of the Asia Song on.