B3 (Band)

  • John Steven Sutherland
  • Timothy Andrew Cruz
  • Timothy Andrew Cruz
  • Blair Late (since 2002)

B3 was an American boy band from New York with considerable success in Germany. They separated in December 2004.


In 2000, Rod Michael, John Sutherland and Tim Cruz learned in New York know. B3 ago Rod was involved in several television projects, John was at the Broadway Dance Center on the stage and also frequently in front of the camera and Tim gained experience with the band React and modeled. Their first hit was the cover of the Bee Gees song You Win Again, followed by Night Fever and the summer hit IOIO, with whom she got 2002 Gold in the summer. In between, they released their first album First, are on the 12 Bee Gees Cover and written by Rod Michael Song ( Where I'll Be).

In late September 2002, however, Rod Michael got out of the band, but a new one was quickly found: Blair Late. With him, John and Tim have already brought the beginning of November the song " Tonight And Forever " out her first self-written song, which was published. This was followed by You're My Angel, an album called NYB3 and Germany Tour (March 24, 2003 to 6 April 2003), on the last gig in Stuttgart the video for the next single We Got The Power was turned. This was followed by quite a long break and many fans thought this was the end of B3, B3, however, came in October with the new single All The Girls again. Shortly after, a special edition of their second album NYB3 with three other tracks and a DVD with four videos to gigs of the tour. This was followed by another long break of seven months, then started with the B3 Move Your Body, the official song for the EYES 2004 (European Year of Education through Sport 2004 ) by. Then there came the single Can not Fight The Feeling and the third and final album Living For The Weekend, from which a final single was still coupled out of a video was edited together from all previously recorded videos and scenes: Until The End Of Time.

The separation news was published on 10 November 2004 in Bravo and one last farewell concert of B3 on 11 December 2004 "Inside the Night " in Oldenburg.


Studio albums