BA CityFlyer

London City Airport

BA City Flyer is a British regional airline based in Manchester and hub at London City Airport. It is a 100 percent subsidiary of British Airways.


1991 BA City Flyer was founded under the name Euro World Airways as a regional airline Air Europe Express and operation with two Shorts 360 from Gatwick to Guernsey compounds, Antwerp and Rotterdam. 1992 a franchise agreement with British Airways ( BA short ) was closed and the company was renamed City Flyer. In 1993 the agreement was extended and adapted the cabins of machines on the standard of British Airways.

To forestall competitors and to secure the share of slots from 13 percent in Gatwick, BA took over the company in 1999 and fully incorporated it into their umbrella brand for regional flights, BA Connect, a.

2007 BA sold its subsidiary BA Connect to Flybe however. Excluded from the sale of the slots at London City Airport, and ten machines 100 Avro RJ from were this was BA their formerly operating from Gatwick daughter City Flyers revive and flight operations moved in March 2007 to the London City Airport, from where is performed for it today.

The Avro RJ85 and 100 were successively replaced in 2009 by new aircraft from Embraer.


BA City Flyer flies from its base at London City Airport mainly Western European cities targets, including Amsterdam, Barcelona and Zurich. In Germany, Frankfurt am Main, and since September 2013 Dusseldorf be served.


As of November 2012, the fleet of BA City Flyer consists of 15 planes with an average age of 2.3 years: