Baa Atoll

Maalhosmadulu Dhekunuburi (South Maalhosmadulu, Dhivehi: މ ާ ޅ ޮ ސ ް މ ަ ޑ ު ލ ު ދ ެ ކ ު ނ ު ބ ު ރ ި ), with the Thaana abbreviation ބ ( Baa ), is an administrative atoll ( district ) in the Maldives. The population is about 9600th

The administrative area belongs to the province Uthuru (North) and includes three natural atolls of the western atoll chain of the Maldives: the eponymous South Maalhosmadulu Atoll as well as the much smaller atolls Central Maalhosmadulu ( Fasdhūtherē ) in the north and Goidu ( Goifulhafehendhu or Horsburgh ) in the south.

Directly to the north and only through the narrow Moresby Channel ( Hani Kandu ) separately connects the North Maalhosmadulu Atoll, part of the district Raa. Other neighboring districts are Lhaviyani in the northeast, southeast and Kaafu Alif Alif in the south. The distance to the capital Malé is about 120 km, which corresponds to 45 minutes by seaplane or 3 hours by speedboat. Since 2012, the atoll with the Dharavandhoo Airport has on the homonymous island also has its own airport.

13 of about 75 islands are inhabited, the main island and thus the seat of the district administration is Eydhafushi. The remaining twelve inhabited islands are Dharavandhoo, Dhonfanu, Fehendhoo, Fulhadhoo, Goidhoo, Hithaadhoo, Kamadhoo, Kendhoo, Kihaadhoo, Kudarikilu, Maalhos and Thulhaadhoo, the latter island is known for its lacquer craftsmanship throughout the country.

In addition to craftsmanship tuna fishing and boat building are the main acquisition Show of the population. Tourism plays an important role, even if it gives significantly fewer resorts than in the capital nearby atolls. Began in 1998 with the development of tourism, there are now over half a dozen hotel islands including Kunfunadhoo ( Soneva Fushi ) Fonimagoodhoo ( Reethi Beach ), Dhuni Kolhu ( Coco Palm), Horubadhoo ( Royal Iceland ) and Landaa Giraavaru.

Large ecological importance has Baa due to its extensive coral reefs and mangrove forests, which are home to a self- Maldivian relations for exceptionally high biodiversity. So here there are significant populations of whale sharks, manta rays and sea turtles, but also a variety of rare and unique benthic fauna like the pink filigree coral Distichopora nitida, bryozoans of the genus Bugula or sea snails of the species Tambja Olivaria. In addition, there is a high number of special Riffformen, such as numerous ring-shaped coral reefs (Faro), which occur only in the Maldives in this form. Outside of the water illustrates one of only two nesting sites in the Maldives for the frigate bird, the small island Olhugiri live here more than 10000 individuals. Because of these ecological significance parts of the administrative atoll Baa 2011 by the UNESCO declared the first and only Biosphere Reserve in the country.