Baaba Maal

Baaba Maal ( born 1953 in Podor in Senegal's Fouta province ) is a Senegalese singer, who has released over 15 albums.


He was born 1953 in Podor in Senegal's Fouta province and belongs to the people of the Tukulor (also Haalpulaar ). His parents were fishermen, but his mother sang for pleasure, so he was familiar with a cappella vocals and traditional melodies. In 1974 he decided to study music in Dakar, and later in Paris. In 1984 he returned to Senegal back because his mother had died and stayed there. In 1985, he founded the band Daande Lenol ( Voice of the People ) from nine musicians, among them Mansour Seck and Mbassou Niang. Baaba Maal is trying to develop a close his roots music (eg, Kora, Tama ), but also uses modern elements (eg electric guitar ). In 2001, he collaborated with Hans Zimmer on the score to the film Black Hawk Down and took over the vocals in four tracks. On 7 July 2007, he appeared as part of the Live Earth concert in South Africa. In 2008 he took on the title song for the computer game Far Cry 2.


  • Wango, 1988
  • Djam Leelii, 1989
  • Taara, 1990
  • Baayo, 1991
  • Lam Toro, 1993
  • Firin ' in Fouta, 1994
  • Nomad Soul, 1998
  • Missing You, 2001
  • Television, 2009