Babuyan Islands

The Babuyan Islands are an archipelago that lies north of the Philippine main island of Luzon in the Luzon Strait and is part of the province of Cagayan. The islands are separated from the south by the Babuyankanal of Luzon and in the north by the Balintangkanal of the Batan Islands.

The archipelago consists of five major and six smaller islands: Calayan Iceland (196 km ²), Babuyan Claro (100 km ²), Camiguin Iceland (166 km ²) Dalupiri (50 km ²) and Fuga (100 km ²) are the five major islands. Among the smaller islands belong Pamoctan ( 0.3 km ²) and Pinon (0.04 sq km ) west of Camiguin, Panuitan ( 2.3 km ²) north of Cagayan, Irao ( 0.2 km ² ) south of Dalupiri, Didicas (0, 7 km ² ) and the Guinapao Rocks ( Dilayag ) (<0.3 km ²), and barite (3.8 km ²) and Mabag ( 0.7 km ² ) west of Fuga.

Camiguin is not to be confused with the island of Camiguin in Mindanao. Dalupiri is not to be confused with the island Dalupiri, Province of Northern Samar.

Calayan is a town in the Philippine province of Cagayan. The municipality is located in the far north of the province. In 2000 was one of the 533 km ² area 14,309 inhabitants and 2654 households, resulting in a population density of 26.8 inhabitants per km ². To the municipality, most of the Babuyan Islands except Fuga include with their west upstream side islands barite and Mabag belonging to the city of Aparri.

On the Babuyan Islands, the four active volcanoes of Camiguin de Babuyanes, Didicas, Babuyan Claro and Smith Volcano lie ( last eruption 1924).

During World War II the islands were occupied by Japanese troops in 1942 and three years later recaptured in 1945 by Allied Filipino and American forces.