Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration ( BBA) is an academic degree that can be attained mainly in Anglo-American dominated education systems through a course of study in business administration after a three - or four-year full-time study usually. In Germany, the BAC leads to a first professional degree. In terms abroad the BBA is often awarded as a double degree with a bachelor's degree otherwise.


Offered both the technical skills of business administration and related fields as well as analytical, methodological and social skills.

At the beginning of the primary bases for example in the areas of bookkeeping, accounting, business administration, economics, marketing, finance, controlling, human resources management and law, including tax law are taught in BBA courses as in other business economics degree programs.

The adjoining part of the BBA degree, which usually includes several semesters is, however, strongly oriented action-oriented. Therefore this part of the study consists in significant parts or even exclusively of seminars and partly extensive project work, which very often in groups over a longer period of time (often several months) must be edited. Are thereby processed real existing business problems in companies or markets and completed with a written work, and often also with an oral examination in the form of a colloquium or a presentation.

Demarcation from other bachelor's degree programs

The Bachelor of Business Administration has the same value as the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts, but is still more practice-oriented (see course contents ). Objective of the study is in addition to the teaching of scientific principles and methods knowledge practical vocational qualifications for different activity and professional fields of business administration and management. Compared to scientifically oriented business or economics degree programs, which usually end with a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts, comprehensive action skills for all business and administrative areas of responsibility are taught in the BBA, for the modern business management tools are needed.

Studies with the degree of Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts are having a bachelor thesis, a scientific dissertation, completed. Due to the strong application-oriented orientation, however, many BBA courses are without such terminated or the thesis consists of a project work or study work in practice. Final aim of the studies and project work are often the elaboration of recommendations for action by the students ( for example: How can an impending insolvency of a company to avoid? ).

In Germany, the Bachelor of Business Administration degree is usually awarded by private colleges, which cooperate with foreign universities, as it is not allowed for a resolution of the Standing Conference German universities to give a BBA. Some state universities offer bachelor's degree programs with the name of Business Administration or Bachelor of Business Administration, confer academic degrees as yet only a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts.

Demarcation to MBA

Just as the Master of Business Administration ( MBA) from the BBA is usually a generalist, management oriented and internationally aligned (see accreditation criteria FIBAA or the AACSB for MBA programs ). Some colleges depart from it, as this is handled in many MBA programs, and offer the BBA with marked specializations, such as in marketing or logistics, at. Like the MBA BBA degree programs are often carried out wholly or partly in English only. Therefore, most providers require certain minimum scores on English tests (eg TOEFL, TOEIC).

In contrast to the MBA the skills problems of the central place of the senior management are usually recorded, analyzed and processed. Furthermore, no college degree or work experience required for the BBA usually on business aptitude tests such as the usual in the MBA GMAT is therefore omitted.