Bad Boys Blue

Bad Boys Blue is a pop music group, founded in 1984, the most successful representatives in the field of Euro Disco was in the second half of the 1980s. In the course of her career, there were numerous line-up changes the band; John McInerney is only since the founding of this.

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Band History


For her label Coconut Records searched Tony Hendrik and his wife Karin van Haaren in the summer of 1984 by musicians with whom they wanted to incorporate their own musical ideas. Finally, the Englishman John Edward McInerney and Jamaican Trevor Oliver Taylor was from the American Andrew Freddie Thomas, the band 'Bad Boys Blue' shaped.

Initially, the group was no more attention; the debut single L. O. V. E. My Car flopped. But even with the second single You're a Woman came the breakthrough. The title rose in summer 1985 to number 8 in the German charts and was able to hold for nine weeks in the top ten. In some countries (eg Austria ) even managed the leap to the top of the charts. In the following years, other hits like I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat, Come Back and Stay, A World Without You ( Michelle ) and Lady in Black.

1988 rose from Trevor Taylor after he was replaced as a former lead singer of John McInerney. For the single Hungry for Love, he returned the following year again briefly to the group back to them then leave permanently. As a new third man Trevor Bannister was engaged.


In the early 1990s, the group was initially able to build on the successes of the previous decade, but after 1991, the commercial success was in Germany. Several tours throughout Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic States brought at this time a large increase in popularity in Eastern Europe. In contrast, the failed attempt in the UK and the U.S. to gain a foothold; only with the single Save Your Love they could be placed in the U.S. charts.

With the departure of Trevor Bannister Bad Boys Blue shrank in 1993 for the duo. John McInerney and Andrew Thomas parted from their previous producers and changed of Coconut Records for label Intercord. But even with a new music style ( Euro Dance) was found not back to the old successes.

1995 Mo Russel came to the group, he took over the role of lead singer and lyricist. 1998 returned to the band Coconut Records. Under the impact of the highly successful Modern Talking revivals you also released new versions of old hits, in which Kevin McCoy took over the rap parts. With Tony Hendrik and David Brandes also new titles were produced in the sequence. The albums Back and ... continued were the biggest commercial successes of recent years.

After the release of Follow the Light in autumn 1999 Mo Russel got out. For him was Kevin McCoy 2000 permanent member of Bad Boys Blue.

Since 2000

In July 2000, the album Tonite, which completely flopped due to lack of promotion appeared; upon the decision of the record company there was no further extraction except the advance single I'll Be Good. The following year, the contractual cooperation of Bad Boys Blue and Coconut Records was again stopped.

In 2002 the group signed a contract with the label Bros Music by David Brandes and began work on a new album, which was released in summer 2003. However, the response to that produced with fire Album Around the World and the resulting single from the Lover on the Line remained subdued; Album and single were each granted a short stay in the German charts. While the group therefore had only done a few appearances in the German-speaking world, found in 2004 mainly concerts in Eastern Europe, where the group was popular. The performances denied Bad Boys Blue, however, only as a duo after Kevin McCoy had to leave the group temporarily, to follow his wife to the USA.

In January 2005, the last joint concert by John McInerney and Andrew Thomas took place a little later they parted ways. John McInerney, now only remaining founding member, first appeared as a solo artist. Carlos Ferreira came in January 2006 to him, and together they took a new album and went on tour. Since the band's name was passed in 2001, jointly owned by John McInerney and Andrew Thomas, about the album Heart and Soul (2008), the words " featuring John McInerney " was on new releases, added.

Andrew Thomas founded together with Kevin and Herbert McCoy ( this was later replaced by Jeremy Cummins ) the formation of The Real Bad Boys Blue. When performing with old songs but they were used in their playback old recordings, so that the voices of Trevor Taylor and John McInerney could be heard.

On 19 January 2008 Trevor Taylor died of a heart attack. Andrew Thomas died 21 July 2009 of cancer. In October of the year the compilation Unforgettable was released in memory of the two deceased founding members.

On 27 August 2010, the publication of the double - album 25 were re-recorded (based on the 25th anniversary of the formation), for the numerous old title was.


Studio albums