Badacsony [ bɒdɒʧoɲ ] is a Hungarian Table Mountain volcanic origin in the western North shore of Lake Balaton with a circumference of 11 km and a height of 437 meters. He also gives the surrounding wine region its name. Most important grape of the region is the Riesling. His wine is generally bottled after only one year in bottles, so he keeps his bitter almond flavor.

Other varieties are grown in the region of the Szürkebarát Vine ("gray monk "), which is a derivative of the French Pinot Gris grape, as well as the old and now rare grape variety Kéknyelû. Also mounted the Grüner Sylvaner and Muscat.


A marked trail leads from the south to the summit of Badacsony. Here is an observation tower was erected in 2011, which allows a panoramic view of the lake and the hinterland.

The place Badacsonytomaj that stretches between lake and mountain, is a popular tourist destination with a long line of wine and fish restaurants. Easily accessible from the city is by boat from the opposite station Fonyód.

Panorama from Badacsony