Badalona ( cat. [ bəðəɫonə ] ) is a Catalan industrial city, elongated located on the Mediterranean coast, about ten kilometers north-east of Barcelona, ​​and is part of the metropolitan area Area Metropolitana de Barcelona.


Badalona is situated at the mouth of the Besòs on the Mediterranean coast and close to the precursor Serralada de Marina. The city is surrounded by the municipalities of Sant Adrià de Besòs to the southeast, Santa Coloma de Gramenet in the southwest, Montgat in the Northeast and Tiana in the northwest.


The municipal election in 2007 resulted in the following distribution of seats in the local council:


In the former Baetulo still traces of its Roman past as thermal baths, mosaics found etc. - mainly in the museum. Significant sculptures such as the Venus of Badalona, ​​are located in the Archaeological Museum of Barcelona.


Badalona is the aniseed liqueur Anís del Mono is produced since (1868 or ) 1870. He is one of the most famous anisettes of Spain, which is exported to many countries.

Badalona is also the location of oil refineries and steel mills.

Culture and tradition

City celebrations in honor of the patron saints are celebrated the Assumption in the week of 15 August and at Sant Anastasi (May 11 ).

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Mireia Belmonte (* 1990), swimmer, Junior World Champion 2008
  • Ramón Daumal Serra (1912-2008), Bishop of Barcelona
  • Luis García (born 1978 ), football player
  • Enric Palomar ( b. 1964 ), composer
  • Joaquín Torrents Lladó (1946-1993), painter

Pictures of Badalona